I offer sessions in Leighton Buzzard, Online, and in London Marylebone. At present all sessions happen on Zoom due to COVID regulations.

In-person sessions will happen in Leighton Buzzard, LU7 4DS (Bedfordshire) or at 5 Rossmore Road, NW1 6NJ, London Marylebone, only after all of the COVID regulations have lifted in the future.

Session Frequency

I offer once-weekly psychotherapy on an open-ended basis; that is, the clients get to decide the duration for which they would like to pursue psychotherapy. I currently have session availability on Fridays and Saturdays. Each session lasts for exactly 50 minutes. Click here to get in touch.

Assessment and Contracting

In the first appointment with a client, I carry out a structured assessment to understand their life history, the support structures around them, their presenting issues and what they hope to work through in psychotherapy. Psychotherapy sessions begin from the second appointment onward. During the second appointment, for about five minutes I will go through a contract with you where I explain to you how I work professionally.


Fees are dependent upon weekday/weekend and time. Please get in touch to enquire. Evening and weekend appointments offered.