Psychotherapy Workshop on Emotional Self-Regulation

This 2-day workshop will be held in the post-COVID world after people have been vaccinated, and when all social distancing restrictions have been lifted. Click here to read the flyer of this workshop (opens in new window). And get in touch with me to register your interest for this workshop.

This is a structured two-day workshop with experiential exercises, and some psychoeducation, to help you learn how to begin to self-regulate your difficult emotional states. We will also explore how a regulated state, or the ‘Window of Tolerance’, feels like. My approach to self-regulation is informed by neuroscience and the transpersonal.

Psychotherapy Workshop: Learning to Self-Regulate – A two-day psychotherapy workshop helping the participants to learn how to self-regulate their difficult emotional states. Dates: To Be Confirmed (TBC) Timings: 10:00 to 17:00 each day. Cost: £225 (inclusive of both days – 12 Hours). Venue: TBC (St John’s Wood, London).