"The self embraces all there is, whether known or unknown. Where is the end of it? In asking the question the human mind soon finds its limits, for the self is 'greater than the great'."
- June Singer

About Me

I am a UKCP Trainee Psychotherapist, and I have been doing this training for over five years now because I feel passionate about this work. In addition to seeing clients privately, I work as a...
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My Approach

The psychological processes – exploration of the origins of one’s wounding, and the beginning of one’s healing – fascinate and intrigue me because these are deeply creative processes that unfold in the psyche; these processes...
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Sessions & Fees

Session Frequency I offer once-weekly psychotherapy on an open-ended basis; that is, the clients get to decide the duration for which they would like to pursue psychotherapy. I currently have session availability on Thursdays, Fridays...
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