"The self embraces all there is, whether known or unknown. Where is the end of it? In asking the question the human mind soon finds its limits, for the self is 'greater than the great'."
- June Singer


Grover Olufsen Psychotherapy - Counselling for Individuals and Couples in Leighton Buzzard and OnlineCounselling and Psychotherapy offer a place where we can let go of all the judgements or expectations that we might normally encounter in life, and talk freely about what is bothering us. It can often be a place where we can take a step back from the busy-ness of life, and reflect upon what needs attention and what needs to be worked through. (In a rush? Read my profile here)

Often known as ‘talk therapy’ or simply ‘Counselling’, today psychotherapy incorporates paying attention to how our emotions and life experiences are felt in the body. Such a process can help people to feel more integrated and grounded within themselves.

I offer counselling & psychotherapy sessions in Leighton Buzzard (Bedfordshire) and Online to individuals (1:1), couples and relationship therapy participants (significant others, adult family members). Feel free to have a look around this website, and to get in touch with me.

To learn about my work with Individuals (1:1), click here, and to learn about my Couples Counselling work, click here.